Predictive Intelligence in minutes, not months.

No-code, high-productivity. Predictive Intelligence for you and your entire team, on your desktop or in the cloud.
10x productivity

In minutes, compare multiple models, analyze results, and deploy your results.

Prediction tasks should not be special projects.

Import your data, run "Autopilot" to recommend the right models, and compare results to make a decision--all within minutes.
Clear reports

Automatically produces clear reports at each step of the process.

Decision-makers can quickly understand what is happening without lengthy back-and-forth with technical staff.

These reports are ready for audiences as diverse as board presentations and audit committees.
Scale on your terms

Scale seamlessly from prototype to production.

Monument runs locally by default, so you can start immediately on your laptop. No setting up development environments or cloud instances.

If you need more computational power, move your compute to the cloud with only a few clicks.
Predictive Intelligence for your problems
churn prediction
demand forecasting
personalized recommendation
predictive maintenance
fraud detection
credit risk
risk modeling
price prediction
environmental forecasting
Run workloads anywhere, from laptops to the cloud

maximize productivity

A Force-Multiplier for your Team

Scale your organization with tools, not HR. Monument sits on top of your existing productivity stack, putting predictive power in the hands of Excel and Tableau users. Make the results of your effort clear, with embedded interpretability charts and data for export to your presentations.

Results, Not "Productivity Theatre"

The goal of prediction production is direct results for your P&L. Apply and evaluate models that solve real business problems in minutes. Monument allows you to apply a variety of models and choose what's best for your business.

Control your Future

Don't have lock-in to hand-crafted programs that require major ongoing investment. Monument delivers you the absolute latest capabilities and allows you to put them to use instantly.
higher productivity and lower cost

Lower model-building costs

Reduction total cost of ownership

Increase in productivity
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